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» Bulk SMS API Code Sample Projects. SMPP. Hindi, Devnagri, DND Off SMS.

 As low as 10 Paisa / SMS over Internet connection.  हिन्दी एसएमएस  Bulk SMS Details.  For Transactional SMS -  Contact us.

We provide SMS API working Code Sample projects in different languages, SMS ActiveX, SMS Webservice, SMS Excel Plugin.            

EzSampark - Very User Friendly Contact Management, Task Management, and Bulk SMS Desktop Software based on the most Successful GUI architecture.

Offers many office productivity features like Envelope / Address Label / Large Label / Cheque Printing, Workflow Management etc.

EzSampark Features

Bulk SMS Excel 2007 Plug-In is very easy, still most powerful utility to enable users, who don't have technical knowledge or expertise to integrate BusinessSMS API, to send Custom Bulk SMS from Excel Sheet.

Unbranded version of Excel Software and Active-X are available for Resellers and Developers.

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